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Bier tastings

We are offering beer tastings, as well as beer and chips pairings, for a relaxed virtual evening. Whether you're getting  together online with colleagues, clients or friends, we can provide customized packages to be delivered or mailed to all participants, so your online event is hoppy and memorable.


We offer:

  • a 45 minute talk on craft beer including a beer tasting of our current beers - we are happy to share the stage with other local breweries and businesses

  • a customizable package including our beers (and chips)

  • any evening date & time that suits your group

  • a tailored approach in German or English, depending on the setting, tastes and occasion 

Get in touch with us to discuss details and get a quote.

We've done tastings for a young lady's 40th birthday party of 8 as well as a corporate customer appreciation event for 180 clients. 

If you're thirsty, we can help you out.

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